Taking Control During Quarantine

Oh yes, this is yet another pandemic post about being in quarantine and the difficulties of 2020. However, I am hoping that this post adds a bit of positivity to the not so positive experience many of us are living during this global pandemic.

These are my top 5 tips to feel like you have control in your life during these times that seem uncontrollable.

Nature nurtures.

Go outside as much as possible. It seems like such a simple concept but going outside, especially in the morning, can help set your circadian rhythm which can contribute to better sleep cycles and energy levels. Even on those gloomier days, try to spend just a moment outside to ground yourself. Breathe in some fresh air, appreciate the sun or the moon and remember that everyday is a new start (even when this pandemic makes you feel like nothing is changing).

Moving matters.

Fitness has become a major stressor during the pandemic for avid gym goers who are unable to visit fitness centers due to closures. Though I may be part of said gym goers, the pandemic has actually given me a brand new perspective on fitness. Think of it this way: This is your chance to discover just how strong you really are. You don’t need the big equipment and machinery. Learn to be functionally fit. Skip, run, ride, swim, walk, climb, do literally anything that keeps you moving and that feels good. Give yourself a serotonin boost and give your mind a break from the anxiety you may be feeling due to the current situation. Do yourself some good and move.

Food For Fuel.

It’s easy to let eating habits get a little crazy since most of the stability in our lives has been taken away from us. During this time, try to focus on boosting your immune system with foods like mushrooms, ginger, garlic and fermented foods like kimchi. Choose foods that make you feel energized, strong and nourished. This isn’t the time to try out the new fad diet making its way through social media. Instead focus on your unique needs and make decisions based on what feels best for you! Start off by planning meals ahead of time, noticing which eating times suit you best and prepping whole foods weekly for quick grab and gos anytime hunger hits.

Fighting Fatigue

Anyone else constantly feeling tired after spending the entire day at home? If feeling fatigued is new to you since the pandemic, it could be linked to your day to day habits. If you are working from home, you can definitely relate to the difficulties of sleeping, eating, working and just generally living in the same space on a daily basis. Sometimes to fight this tiredness, all you need is small changes. Start by ensuring that your space is functional for your daily needs. Make sure to separate the space where you sleep and where you work. Dedicate a space to things that you are passionate about. Take regular breaks from work to move around. Stretch in between conference calls. Walk around the block while listening to your favourite podcast on your break. Change up your routine and workout at night instead of in the morning to see how it makes you feel. Schedule time to reach out to loved ones. Self care doesn’t have to just be face masks and bubble baths.

Rest. Reflect. Recover.

You might feel like you don’t need to rest if you are spending most of the day inside but even while being at home, our minds are bombarded with negative images of our current situation. Sometimes the damage to our wellbeing isn’t noticeable right away, but long term it can be a lot to take on. Don’t forget that there is no “winning quarantine.” You don’t need to learn a new skill, lose 20 lbs or run a solo marathon. You can simply be proud of taking care of yourself and feeling good despite everything going on around you. If running 5km a day makes you feel that way, then do it! If reading books or binging a couple netflix shows keeps you sane, then do it! Block out what other people think you should accomplish during this pandemic and focus on what you know you need to do. In the same breath, interpret these tips and adjust them to what works for you!

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