Current Skincare Routine

I have always had a love hate relationship with my skin. I am thankful for what I have but my skin has always been extremely sensitive. No matter what product I used, I seemed to have a reaction. Because of this, I didn’t actually find a full skincare routine that worked for me until I was 20.

Today, I am so excited to have this great lineup of products to help keep my skin happy:

* Cleanser: Cocokind organic facial cleansing oil – I use this as a first step for double cleansing at night. It really helps take everything off without striping my skin of all its moisture. If I wore makeup that day I would usually use whatever makeup remover I have on hand before the oil.

* Cleanser: Skin essence organics Pure facial cleanser – This is also my second step in my cleansing routine at night after my oil cleanser. Leaves my skin smooth without feeling too dry.

* Mask: Cocokind chlorophyll mask – I just started using this after I cleanse a few times a week. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and tight, love love love.

* Face oil: Cocokind organic chia facial oil – I use this at night after using toner and moisturizer. I find it is a great way to lock in moisture without being too heavy on my skin.

* Toner: Cocokind rosewater toner – I am telling you, this is the ONE AND ONLY toner I want to use. It has one ingredient: rosewater. I love this product and since cocokind isn’t in many places in Canada, I literally buy three whenever I see it in store. This product is so versatile, I use it after I cleanse but I also use it to freshen up at any point in the day.

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